Piezoelectric Haptic Feedback

Our high performance piezoelectric haptic actuators enable low power, thin, lightweight, and non-magnetic touch communication. As compared to traditional magnetic based haptic actuators, piezo.com's piezoelectric actuators can create a richer haptic experience. Our actuators are capable of single cycles, fast start-up, static deflection, and independent frequency, amplitude, and phase control capabilities – allowing the designer to control the feel, duration, and intensity of the sensation. The high performance and broad array of haptic feedback provided by our actuators are made robust and reliable by utilizing our packaging process. The packaging/sealing technology is enabling in wearable devices, automotive, medical, simulation and training [VR/AR/MR], industrial, and military applications where higher fidelity and survivability are of the utmost importance. Find out more about our: Smart Tactor Development Kit.

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Advantages of piezoelectrics over magnetic approaches (eccentric rotating mass (ERM), Voicecoils, Linear Resonant Actuator (LRA)) are:

  • High Performance
  • High Fidelity Feedback
  • Fast Start-up
  • Static Deflection
  • Independent Frequency, Amplitude & Phase Control
  • Thin & Lightweight, Low Form-Factor
  • Low Power
  • Nonferrous/Nonmagnetic

Advantages of our sealed actuators:

  • Hermetically Sealed
  • Electrically Insulated
  • Integrated Electrical Connection
  • FFC Termination Options
  • Multi-Touch Point Arrays
  • Tune-able
  • Custom Shapes

Evaluations and Testing:

Piezo.com, is capable of designing custom actuator sizes and form-factors to fit your application. However, for initial haptic evaluations, we recommend our PPA-2014 Flex, PPA-2014, PPA-1014, and PPA-1022 actuators. The clamp enclosure kit fits all those actuators and is a good choice for quick demos and development.

For haptic drivers, we recommend Boreas’ BOS-1901 high voltage piezo driver IC. The BOS-1901 is the most efficient and low power boost IC on the market. As a bonus, our flex actuator is conveniently included in Boreas’ development kit! For more recommendations and advice on how to drive our piezos, you can take a look at our blog.

In Development: Wearable Tactile Arrays & Smart Tactile Actuators

Based on our sealed PPA technology, Piezo.com has developed a smart actuator array architecture for wearable haptics and tactile feedback. The system features smart tactile actuators, that couple a piezo actuator, bus transceiver, onboard intelligence, and a boost driver in one ultra small package. Arrays of the actuators can be integrated into a garment or wearable and be individually addressed and commanded using a low-power and low-wire count bus topology developed by Piezo.com. As the piezo driver is integrated into the actuator package, the wired bus voltages are low and easily compatible with wearables and battery driven systems. This technology has been developed as part of unique wearable project for the DOD, aimed to help helicopter pilots maintain situational awareness during times of degraded visuals. A typical garment can have more than 20 actuators, all available to be cued on demand per the designer’s needs and usage scenario. The approach greatly improves the total Size, Weight and Power (SWAP) of previous similar systems based on magnetic voice-coil actuators!

To support our smart tactile actuators and wearable array efforts, Piezo.com has developed an application flexible toolset for integrators and developers and is actively exploring uses for the system in tactical scenarios, simulation and training, VR/AR/MR, and other applications.

Find out more about our: Smart Tactor Development Kit.