Custom Solutions

We recognize that every piezo opportunity and application is different and will likely need some customization.  We offer customization services from simple product builder tools to more complex design, analysis, and prototyping projects.  

Custom Solutions - User Guides

Common Questions

What type of customization options do you offer? We offer everything from a simple custom piezo multilayer configuration (different materials, thicknesses, size etc.) for when the customer knows their size constraints and wants to maximize the performance for that size. These are explained in more detail in our piezo product builder article and an online configuration tool is available here.

But we also offer design and modeling services for more complex piezo geometry (mounting, lamination/sealing, curves etc.), additional mechanical mounting and integration structures are needed, and even for custom electronics and firmware for interfacing with the piezo.  More information on these services is available in our custom design & production projects article.
What is the cost for a custom design? Custom piezo configurations can be ordered for less than $1,000 while more complex projects will range in cost from $2,000 to $50,000.  We prefer to charge fixed price efforts for custom designs so that the customer knows what to expect throughout the project and is not met with unexpected bills and surprises.
What is the lead time for a custom design? Custom piezo configurations can be delivered within 5 business days typically. If there are over 100 units per lot we may need to use an outside firm for dicing which can extend the lead time another 5 to 10 business days. Larger projects typically range in time between 4 to 16 weeks depending on the complexity and if the material is needed to order. We have a lot of piezo material in stock, but that material doesn't always meet the needs of every project, and custom piezo materials can have significantly long lead times.
What are the payment terms for a custom project? For projects less than $5,000 we typically require payment upfront to begin work and order necessary materials. After approving credit this can be in the form of an invoice with net 30 payment terms. Otherwise, we require a credit card or bank transfer (see  ordering article for more details on payment).  Larger projects will be split into several milestones where payment is needed before continuing.  This is done to minimize risk for both and the customer if the project experiences unforeseen complications and/or we are unable to meet your expectations.