Technical Specifications Overview

This article and section will address some technical specifications on our products.

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Common Questions

How do you model piezoelectrics and predict performance characteristics? Piezos are difficult to model due to their electromechanical coupling.  Everything is interconnected!  We use ANSYS for modeling piezos and can do optimization and analysis for clients as part of larger development projects. Our  material properties article has the necessary information for building your ANSYS models if you choose to do that.  Just keep in mind the complexities piezos present and sooner or later you will be better off building and testing.
We have older devices, can you share the technical specifications on those units? This article includes links to our previous datasheets and manuals.  It even includes links to our older archived websites if need be.
How reliable is the packaging/lamination process? Our packaging process was specifically developed to improve reliability in normally brittle and fragile piezoelectric wafers. We have undergone very stringent reliability testing for our piezo fan development, here is a brief presentation on some of the tests completed.